Your cloud-based virtual mining platform for the Litecoin Cash Hive. Simply login, create a bee and let nature take its course.

How Does this Work?

On-chain agents (worker bees) act as virtual mining rigs on the Litecoin Cash Hive. These worker bees mature and mine for you during their lifecycle. After maturation (which takes 24 hours), bees will be able to mine blocks on your behalf for the entierty of their lifetime (14 days). If a bee successfully mines a block, the block reward + any transation fees will instantly be paid to the beekeeper.

Mine on any device
No Specialised hardware required!

Gone are the days of expensive mining equipment and high-priced electricity bills. The Hive makes mining accessible for anyone with an internet connection. All you have to do to get started is simply create an account, send over some Litecoin Cash to your wallet and then purchase a bee. That's it! Pretty simple, right?

The Litecoin Cash Hive is where the on-chain agents 'worker bees' reside, and was proposed as a means to help secure the Litecoin Cash Blockchain. Hive mining increases network security over pure proof-of-work, providing protection from 51% attacks. You can read more about the hive over on the official Litecoin Cash Whitepaper.

Hive mining is an alternative form of mining, whereby the right to produce a block is secured by an agent working on behalf of a user. These 'worker bee' agents reside inside the blockchain itself. They are completely decentralised and are created when a special bee creation transaction is made by a user. Once created, worker bees act as virtual mining rigs, and users who own them become 'bee keepers'. When worker bees successfully mine blocks, the block rewards (block subsidy and any transaction fees) are paid to the bee keeper. Worker bees have extremely low energy cost, and so bee keepers do not require any specialised hardware to be able to produce blocks.

Worker bees have a limited lifespan, and creating a bee is a speculative action with an associated cost; this penalises adversaries attempting to work on multiple chains at once. The success of a given bee depends largely on the population of live bees across the network, although some bees may never find a block, while others may be disproportionately lucky.

The cost of a bee on the Litecoin Cash Hive is currently: 0.1 LCC

Each block reward is 250 LCC minus our 10% commission for keeping the wallets and server running.

Block rewards are automatically paid to your account. If your bee finds a block, the reward will be there right away. The only thing you need to do is withdraw to your main wallet and that'll take a couple of seconds.


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Sit back, relax, and let your bees work for you.

We make everything easy...

Fast Payouts

Withdraw your block rewards quickly in just a click of a button, it should only take a few seconds.

Secure Wallet

Your funds are safe and secure in a fully encrypted wallet. No download required.

Low Fees

We charge no fees on deposits and withdrawls, and only charge a small commission on block rewards.

24/7 Support

Need help? Drop by the Official Litecoin Cash Discord server for around-the-clock support.

Guaranteed Uptime

We have multiple servers running and everything is stored on the blockchain. Even our backups have backups.

Solo & Pool Mining

Mine on your own, or increase your chances of finding a block by mining with others in a pool.





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